E Pluribus Unum, 48″ X 36″

wax painting
E Pluribus Unum on black, 48″ X 36″

This painting celebrates individuality that complements the unity of the whole. Unity in diversity is our strength. I am proud to live in the time and place where freedom to embrace cultural diversity is celebrated. Wax painting is especially conducive to this theme. Vivid colors, dramatic depth and texture in the visual movement of the wax all unify without loss of individual expression.  The expressions in the wax prove that embracing one another enhances each individual without which the picture is either muddied or incomplete.

E Pluribus Unum won Best of Show in the AACA One World Exhibition 2016

Renowned artist Charlie Newton was the judge of the show. The following is from his statement:

“The use of colors displays the inner emotional state.
Out of Many-One is a brilliant display of using wax as a plastic medium
to both tell a story and convey powerful energy that mimics creation,
both of the universe and the piece itself.” 


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